Ronen Pestes’ love for editing began at the age of 15, while he was directing and editing a commercial for a marketing class.

He heard music playing in the bay next door to his. A song from a band that would go on to be one of Israel’s most

accomplished was being made into a music video.

Ronen got a glimpse of the endless possibilities and the beauty of using images and music to tell a story.

Fast-forward ten years when Ronen graduated from the prestigious American Film Institute.  He edited 7 shorts and 3 thesis films,

which played in some of the most respected film festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Palm Springs Film festival and the

Rhode Island Film Festival.  He was nominated and won numerous awards.

After AFI, Ronen started editing television shows, commercials and feature films.  In the process of editing,

he began to enhance the footage using color correction to change the mood of a scene.  Soon Ronen began to split his craft

between editing movies and TV shows to color correcting and advancing and developing his technique.

In recent years Ronen’s focus has been color grading feature films, shorts and some top TV shows.

Ronen is a contributing member of a number of creative communities in Los Angeles. His affiliations and contacts keep him

abreast of cutting edge technology to better serve his clients.

Catering to the independent filmmaking market, Ronen is proficient on Davinci Resolve and Avid Symphony.


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